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Welcome to Vantaggio

I provide independent research and consultancy services in three distinct yet highly inter-related disciplines:

Here, you'll find discussions on these disciplines, plus access to some of my research papers and studies. You can also read up on some of my past and current projects. I've got more than 20 years' experience at the top of my game, and have worked for leading organisations in the private and public sectors.

Lesley Mackenzie-Robb (aka Crane), MA, BSc Hons.

Lesley is an Associate of the Leadership Alliance, and Faculty member of the Alliance's Center for Dynamic Leadership Models in Global Busines. TLA is an international network of leading business consultants and educators working as a dynamic and innovative Complex Adaptive System.

As an independent consultant and organizational scientist, Lesley specialises in technology-supported adult learning (eLearning), and organizational knowledge management. She has been working in the cutting edge of eLearning since its earliest days in a range of industries: government, energy, education, finance, automotive, defence, environment, oil & gas and publishing. This, combined with her expertise in knowledge management, analytic and research skills, this gives Lesley an almost unparalleled perspective on organizational effectiveness.

My current and recent clients include:

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Contract award: in partnership with Progressive Digital, Vantaggio has been appointed as VLE consultant by the Ministry of the Church of England.

Latest publication: A new taxonomy and critical review of Knowledge Management theory in Journal of Knowledge Management Practice. Read more...

Featured article: How do Knowledge Managers construct their identities as expert in the context of an online forum? Published in the Journal of Knowledge Management. Read more...

Primary research is well underway in the final leg towards achieving a PhD: a revolutionary ecological approach to Knowledge Management.

In development: a new theory and formulation of Tacit Knowledge based on empirical evidence.

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